About Us

V1Aviation was born in early 2016 following a discussion about the need for good, honest and fairly priced airline assessment and recruitment preparation. As airline pilots we recognised that our training needed to be provided by current airline professionals – the only people who know how it feels to go through the airline recruitment gauntlet. We pride ourselves on offering bespoke training, developed around our customer’s individual needs. We take the time to speak to you and understand your training requirements.

Our trainers have detailed knowledge of the current recruitment processes for Europe’s leading airlines. From your first CV, to your simulator assessment we’ve committed to your airline career. We also realised that the need for training and support doesn’t stop once you land your first airline job. We’ve developed training solutions based around LPC/OPC preparation and command upgrades. In fact, we can tailor our training to just about any requirement.

V1Aviation also recognises that many of the ‘non-technical’ skills being taught to pilots in the simulator can easily be translated into the business world. We’ve developed industry-leading corporate workshops and simulator experience days. In February 2017 V1Aviation was acquired by Aviation Insider, A move we think would benefit both brands. Aviation Insider as a Global Platform will help launch V1Aviation and help promote our excellent training services aimed at making the pilot recruitment preparation process easy.

Our commitment to you…

  • Always a fair price

    At V1Aviation we don’t charge ‘admin’ or ‘booking’ fees for any of our products, meaning the price we offer you is always the best price available. If you find another company providing similar products at a cheaper price, we’ll always be happy to discuss our pricing with you.

  • Real expertise from industry professionals

    At V1Aviation all of our training is provided by pilots and trainers currently operating for major European airlines. We never use student pilots or simulator pilots to conduct our training. You’ll always have the option of a TRI/TRE should you require one. Our assessment and CV products are bespoke, designed by industry professionals based on real feedback and tailored to individual airline recruitment processes.

  • Always full motion

    At V1Aviation we believe that all simulator training should be completed in as realistic an environment as possible – that’s why we always sell simulator sessions as full motion. Whilst some company’s may offer discounts for fixed base simulators, our trainers believe that it’s impossible to truly prepare for your assessment, exam or check ride without getting a true feel for the simulator.

  • By pilots, for pilots

    V1Aviation has truly been created by pilots, for pilots. We developed the company out of a need for good, honest and fairly priced airline assessment preparation, provided by pilots – the only people who know how it feels to go through the airline recruitment gauntlet. We understand the industry and its challenges, but more importantly we understand you and the pressures you face.

  • Committed to your airline career

    Our commitment to you doesn’t end when you leave the training centre, or receive your new CV. At V1Aviation we pride ourselves on committing to your airline career, and sticking with you every step of the way. Returning customers have access to discounts on future products, meaning we can help you pass your tricky first OPC, or prepare for your command upgrade interview. As part of the V1Aviation family, we’re always just an email or a phone call away and happy to provide advice and guidance throughout your airline journey.

Getting in touch is easy…