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We have targeted training profiles for all the major European airlines

Prepare for your airline simulator assessment with confidence.

Our professional, one-to-one simulator assessment preparation sessions are designed to give you the best possible chance of passing the simulator check and getting the job. We are here to help you and give you all the support you need to prepare. Our Airline Assessment Preparation Sessions have been created to be as close to your real assessment experience as possible.

Your session will be conducted, where possible, using a genuine assessment profile specific to your future airline. Our profiles are created based on our recruitment experience, backed up by recent feedback from pilots who have been through the process themselves. If you’re looking for more generic preparation, we can offer introductions to the aircraft’s handling characteristics, systems operation and operational procedures. If you’re new to the aircraft type, we’d recommend you couple one of these sessions with your airline specific assessment profile to ensure you’ll feel comfortable and prepared when entering the sim for your sim check.

Full Motion Simulators

Proven track record

V1Aviation specialises in airline simulator preparation and assessments. We have helped many commercial pilots and cadets secure their first airline position in just 2 years of trading. We are re-shaping the airline preparation market and we stand out compared to our competitors.

Last minute bookings

We understand you may get a call from the airline you’re applying for to let you know that your simulator assessment is within a week. With a large team of instructors to call upon, we can more than likely make bookings at very short notice, sometimes within 24 hours. So please get in touch and we will do our best to fit you in.

A Choice of locations

Our simulator are based across the UK and Europe, giving you flexibility in your training. In the UK our simulator devices are mainly centred around the South East, (Please note, prices may vary depending on simulator location)

Our Instructors

Unlike other simulator companies we don’t put anything other than current line pilots in the simulator with you, Our pilots and instructors work for the biggest airlines across the world. They’re here to pass on their knowledge and expertise to help with your preparation.

Aircraft types

We have access to a large fleet of full motion, level D simulators across the UK and Europe. Our fleet covers all major types of Airbus and Boeing full flight simulators. Through our partners we also offer fixed base options and part fixed base part motion simulator options.

Expert advice

V1Aviation is run by pilots for pilots and we know exactly what it takes to get to where you want to be. We’ve “been there and done that” and we can pass on everything we’ve learnt along the way. We’re also here to assist you on evenings and weekends, 365 days a year and we mean it.

Full Motion Flight Simulator Prices



Starting From
  • airline specific briefing material
  • 1 Hour briefing
  • full motion simulator session
  • comprehensive debrief
  • Free Access to online assessment guides
  • 50% off Type Rating Question BaNks
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Starting From
  • airline specific briefing material
  • 1 Hour briefing
  • full motion simulator session
  • comprehensive debrief
  • Free Access to online assessment guides
  • 50% off Type Rating Question Banks
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Procedural Flat Panel Training

a320 Flat Panel Trainer

The Flat Panel Trainer (FPT) is a reconfigurable crew training device designed to optimize training time and improve the learning process for pilots and maintenance personnel. Theory, practice, technical details, operational issues and human factors are brought together in a realistic environment.

Training with the FPT is most effective when used for familiarization, systems, and procedures training prior to entering the full flight simulator. Training organizations can schedule numerous hours in a FPT for the cost of just one hour in a full flight simulator. Most instructors prefer the FPT learning environment as opposed to a simulator when it comes to teaching Crew Concepts, FMC Skills, Normal Flight Procedures and System Abnormalities.

The ability to initiate the FPT to a pre-defined snapshot within seconds eliminates wasteful set-up or repositioning time. A user-friendly Instructor Operating System (IOS) allows the instructor to focus on his most important task – observing the student’s performance.

Strategic Uses

  • Incorporate into simulator briefing sessions to rehearse key maneuvers
  • Increase the amount of FPT time in order to decrease simulator time (simulator only used for training motion-based maneuvers and validating maneuvers required by regulation)
  • Aircraft Systems Integration Training
  • Practice and learn “soft skills” such as CRM and Threat & Error Management Techniques
  • Train “hot topics” year-round in base
  • Practice new procedures

  • Affordable Training
  • Location – Burgess Hill
  • Practice procedures without feeling under time pressure.
  • 1hr – £250
  • 2hr – £450
  • 4hr – £900
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Fixed Base Simulators

Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation on fixed base simulators with our Partners at PM Flight.

We have teamed up! 

Together V1Aviation and pmFlight have come up with a package which offers a unique opportunity to help you gain the best possible training and experience. 

Get more for less! Take a look at pmFlight prices below for fixed base bases. Keep scrolling and you’ll find the packages for Fixed and Full Flight simulators sessions, And if you’re interested in just Full Flight sims we’d be happy to help.

Together we have helped 100’s of candidates achieve employment or promotion. Contact us with confidence that we will help you achieve success. Our knowledgable instructors have a huge wealth of experience to help you!

Don’t break the bank, PM Flight operate on a 737 flight simulator and an A320 Airbus simulator, both of which are high fidelity devices at a price point that allows realistic extended learning.

PmFlight helps you to gain confidence and prepare for your airline simulator assessment in the 737 Flight Simulator and Airbus Flight simulator at their training site near Gatwick, London. 

Why PM Flight?

As mentioned the cost using fixed base to practice and go over procedures is a great benefit. pmFlight have been running simulator assessment sessions for the past 7 years in the UK and for many years prior to this. All instructors have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. 

Fixed Base Simulator Prices

Fixed and Full Motion Simulator Package


James west
I needed some assistance in preparation for an interview assessment. The guys at V1Aviation were really helpful in both arranging the simulator session at such short notice and also with practical advice in how best to prepare. I found the simulator session itself very useful to gain some hands on experience of the type and my instructor James was really helpful too. My overall experience was excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend V1 Aviation to anyone.

Luke Wright
V1Aviation managed to fit me into the sim for an airline specific assessment preparation session, at very short notice. The simulator was state of the art – perfect – as was the instruction. I benefited from being able to practice the sim profiles for the airline I was applying for. They even found me a PM at short notice! Customer satisfaction is clearly their main priority. They were as excited as me when I got the call to say that I’d passed the assessment!

Alex Inman
I actually thought my ability in the practice sim was pretty bad but actually when I did the sim for the assessment I can honestly say it went so smoothly and the assessor was very complementary. But honestly if I didn’t come to your sim to get the mistakes out of the way I think it could have been a different story! I’ve passed on your details to a colleague at Ryanair who is interested in using an A320 sim for an Iberia assessment.

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