Tailored profiles based on your requirements

At V1Aviation all of our training is provided by pilots and trainers currently operating for major European airlines. We never use student pilots or simulator pilots to conduct our training. You’ll always have the option of a TRI/TRE should you require one. Our simulators and instructors are available for bespoke training based on your requirements. We’ve helped people to prepare for everything from their first OPC to command assessment checks, we’ve even tailor-made sessions to help people improve their landing technique.

Why tailor-made?

We have realised that while many people benefit from our targeted preparation for airline assessments and checks, there are also people that require a more customised session. Our sessions are customisable.

An extensive range of simulator devices

A Variety of choice At V1Aviation we believe that all simulator training should be completed in as realistic an environment as possible – that’s why we always use full-motion simulators as well as fixed base simulator options with our Partners at PM Flight. Our instructors believe that it is impossible to truly prepare for your assessment, exam or check ride without immersing yourself in the environment.

Flexible booking options

We understand that simulator time is expensive, we try to keep our prices as low as possible.