Experience the thrill of being an airline pilot

v1 aviation gives anyone the opportunity to fly a large commercial jet aircraft

Our ultra-realistic, full-motion simulators are normally used by airlines for the rigorous process of pilot training and checking. Throughout your simulator experience you will be guided by an experienced airline training Captain. You will be surprised by the effortless maneuverability of the airliner. Up to two people can take part in each experience. You can share the flying, and act as a Captain and Co-Pilot Team.

Take-off from your favourite destination and try your hand at some manoeuvres in the air. How smooth will your landing be? We can simulate all weather, and emergency scenarios if you’re feeling adventurous. Want to create your own experience? We would be happy to try to accommodate any requests.


Full Motion Simulator Experiences – Gatwick and Burgess HIll

Airbus A320

The Airbus A320 is the most common airliner in use at the moment, with one taking-off somewhere in the world every 2.5 seconds. Experiences can be enjoyed at either our Burgess Hill or Gatwick facilities.

Boeing 737

On the average about 1,000 737s are in the air at all times; one takes off every 5.5 seconds. Flight Simulator Experiences can be enjoyed at either our Burgess Hill or Gatwick facilities.

So come and take the controls of one of the most advanced flight simulators in Europe with an experienced airline pilot to guide you through the flight. Normally reserved for airline pilot training, this is a fantastic opportunity to experience flying a nearly 80 tonne Airbus or Boeing anywhere in the world! Our instructors are hand picked for their flying experience, piloting capabilities and friendly and approchable personalities.

Part motion Simulator Experiences – Coventry

Airbus A320

Boeing 737

Boeing 747-400

The 737 is a real simulator originally owned by Sabena Airlines while the A320 is an actual cockpit of a British Airways aircraft (G-BUSF), back engineered into a simulator. Some of our instructors have flown this very aircraft. Our instructors have flown for British Airways, Virgin, Tui, Thomas Cook, easyJet, Ryanair and more.

For the ultimate boys toys experience, try our Boeing 747 simulator. This REAL simulator was owned originally by Aer Lingus and usd to train their Boeing 747 pilots. This beautiful Queen of the Skies can fly you anywhere in the world. The visual graphics are generated by the latest software from the USA and displayed using 3 blended projectors to give you a wide screen experience. Fly over the streets of Hong Kong and watch the cars moving down the streets – not that you will have time to look!!!

All experiences consists of 30 minutes briefing followed by whatever time you have booked in the simulator.

The 737 can take 2 observers and the 320. Please note observers under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a separate adult, not the pilot.