Airline Simulator Assessment Preparation on fixed base simulators with our Partners at PM Flight.

We have teamed up! 

Together V1Aviation and pmFlight have come up with a package which offers a unique opportunity to help you gain the best possible training and experience. 

Get more for less! Take a look at pmFlight prices below for fixed base bases. Keep scrolling and you’ll find the packages for Fixed and Full Flight simulators sessions, And if you’re interested in just Full Flight sims Click Here.

Together we have helped 100’s of candidates achieve employment or promotion. Contact us with confidence that we will help you achieve success. Our knowledgable instructors have a huge wealth of experience to help you!

Don’t break the bank PM, Flight operate on a 737 flight simulator and an A320 Airbus simulator, both of which are high fidelity devices at a price point that allows realistic extended learning.

PmFlight helps you to gain confidence and prepare for your airline simulator assessment in the 737 Flight Simulator and Airbus Flight simulator at their training site near Gatwick, London. 

Why PM Flight?

As mentioned the cost using fixed base to practice and go over procedures is a great benefit. pmFlight have been running simulator assessment sessions for the past 7 years in the UK and for many years prior to this. All instructors have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. 

The Fleet

We have access to a large fleet of full motion, level D simulators across the UK and Europe and fixed base Boeing 737 and Airbus a320 Simulators. 


We have a few locations mainly centred around the South East with good transport links from London and the major airports. 

Fixed Base Prices

Fixed and Full Flight Simulator Prices