IAGO – EASA Approved ATO


V1 Aviation has a great working relationship with IAGO. Many of our trainers also work for IAGO so we know the quality of training is exceptionally high. 

IAGO flight training was founded in 2000 and since then are proud to have become the leading provider of differentiated full service flight training solutions in the United Kingdom.

IAGO offers a full range of training courses for commercial pilots, including full Type Ratings for various aircraft types as well as bespoke, custom training as required. Typical courses that we conduct on a regular basis are described below.

IAGO has built a reputation as an innovative, forward thinking and dynamic resource provider in support of partner airlines. We pride ourselves in listening to the requirements and delivering a high quality product on time and within budget, but throughout fostering a partnership approach with the client.

IAGO is able to offer support at all levels of an ATO. These include:
  • Full ATO set up and approval.
  • Addition of new types and ZFTT solutions.
  • OCC provision.
  • Insourcing of high quality training pilots, including managers.

Full Type Rating Courses

Courses are offered on the B737 (all variants), Airbus A320 (all family variants), and B757. Select a course from the menu opposite for more information on a given course.

Abridged Type Rating Courses (STAR)

For those pilots already rated on a Boeing type with 500+ hours, a STAR (Shortened Transition And Rating) course offers a short converstion onto another Boeing type (for example: B737NG to B757). Select a course from the menu opposite for more information on a given course.

Groundschool Courses

Courses are offered on all variants of the B737, B757, B767, B747, A320 family, A330 and A340. Courses include state of the art Simulation Based Courseware (LMS compatible) and VPT/FPT.

Examiner Refresher Seminars

To extend the 3 year validity of an examiner certificate under EASA, a Refresher Seminar must be attended during the last 12 months of the validity period. It is also mandatory to attend a seminar to renew an expired certificate.

Type Rating Instructor (TRI) / Synthetic Flight Instructor (SFI) Course

Type-specific instructor courses are offered on the A320, B737 and B757.  This course is designed to provide the correct theoretical and technical background for instruction on the relevant aircraft type, and is compliant with CAA Standards Document 43.  Applicants must meet the requirements specified in EASA Part J.

Base Training

Aircraft Training is offered on the A320, B737 and B757 with our European partner airlines. Please select a type from the menu opposite for more information. Other types may be available on an opportunity basis.

CCQ and Conversion Courses

CCQ (Cross Crew Qualification) courses are offered on the A340 converting to A330, A330 to A320 and from A320 to A330. Select a course from the menu opposite for more information on a given course.

Type Rating Examiner (TRE) Standards Course

As a UK ATO, IAGO is authorised by the UK CAA to conduct the TRE Standards Course on the Authority’s behalf.  This generic course is compliant with CAA Standards Document 41. Following successful completion, the candidate will be required to complete a number of supervised simulator details with a current TRE .  The candidate will then be required to conduct an LPC/LST witnessed by the relevant Aviation Authority Training Standards Inspector.

Core Instructional Techniques Course

For those pilots wishing to become an instructor, although no longer a stand alone course under EASA part FCL, IAGO is able to offer the Core Course which provides the foundation for all aviation instruction. The course meets the requirements of the Approved Teaching and Learning module under EASA-FCL, and incorporates all requirements for CRMI accreditation.  The IAGO course is recognised as being a market leading product and is supplied to a number of major airlines and ATOs worldwide.

IAGO – EASA Approved ATO

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