license revalidation and staying proficient

V1 Aviation specialises in license revalidation’s. You can prepare for your LPC/OPC or LOE sim check, in a professional and structured environment. We have a substantial fleet of simulators, covering many aircraft types. All of our simulators are level D certified.

We have a dedicated team of experienced TREs who are committed to your success. We can provide the service to revalidate your licence on a number of different aircraft types with our experienced TRE’s. If you require an hour to practice before hand we can accommodate this before proceeding with the 3 hour simulator session.

Form previous client experiences, 3 hours in the simulator is an adequate time in case of any retakes. There is a number of items that the TRE needs to see in order to pass and sign your license so the 3 hour window works well. Each simulator comes with an hours brief and debrief and our friend TRE’s will provide or guide you with the relevant paperwork from the CAA.


Completed on 737 & a320

V1Aviation offers the LPC/OPC for pilots who need to revalidate their rating. This check is conducted by qualified TRE’s who are experienced on type. We have access to level D simulators across the UK and Europe. All revalidation are required to be carried out on a full motion certified simulator.

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A choice of locations

Our simulator are based across the UK and Europe, giving you flexibility in your training. In the UK our simulator devices are mainly centred around the South East, although certain types are available at our Manchester Centre. Please note, prices may vary depending on simulator location.

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